How does it work?  

It's really simple. You pay a small fee and a different touring stand up comedian calls you, a friend, or family member once a month and tells you jokes.  You pick the content rating and schedule the calls.  After the call you'll be e mailed info about your comedian so you can follow them on social media.


What does it cost?

 $19.95 is the standard package.  This gives you a one year subscription to Comedian Of The Month Club. That's 12 different comedians (one call per month)!  We also have other packages below.


How do I get started?  

It's easy - Pick the content rated package below,  pay with a credit card, & then schedule your calls.  It takes 5 minutes :)

Once you make your purchase one of our team members will e mail you to schedule the calls.  If you purchase a gift certificate the person that received it will email us to schedule.  It's super easy!

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