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Comedian Of The Month Club is the perfect gift - The gift of laughter!

How does it work?  It's really simple.  You pay a small fee and a different touring stand up comedian calls you, a friend, or family member once a month and tells you jokes.   You pick the content rating and schedule the calls.   After the call you'll be e mailed info about your comedian so you can follow them on social media, buy their CD's or merchandise, or book them for an event.

How long is each call?  Generally 5-10 minutes.  These comedians are bringing their A game material!

How many comedians do you have?  Over 1,000 full time pro stand up comedians.  

Can I interact with the comedian on the call?  Sure!  You can laugh, ask questions, banter, or even heckle (be prepared comedians are quick with comebacks to hecklers lol)!

What does it cost?  $19.95 will get you a six month subscription to Comedian Of The Month Club. That's 6 different comedians!  We also have smaller priced packages.

Do I pick content rating?  Yes!  You choose clean, PG-13, or R rated.

Can I buy this for someone else?  Yes, you can.   Everyone loves the gift of laughter :)

How do I get started?  It's really easy - Pick the content rated package below, pay with a credit card, & then schedule your calls.  It takes 5 minutes.